Local SEO Is More Than Just Listing Your Business In Directories

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It's important for businesses that want to rank locally in search engines to pay attention to local SEO techniques. Often you may not be aware of all the things that need to be done for you to dominate search engines locally. Beyond getting website rankings, you'll want to get actual results from your traffic as well.

Optimizing your website your overall online presence for your geographical area is a great way to get your site seen by your desired audience. But is your site optimized enough for local SEO? And, will those efforts bring you results that translate into sales? More importantly, can SEO companies help you rank locally?

Many so-called SEO providers continue to think that doing local SEO is simply achieved by placing their clients in a handful of local directories and auto-submitting their websites to a hundred search engines. This isn't enough. Google now uses much more intelligent ranking systems than times gone by, and many SEO providers are not staying on the cutting edge and advising their clients correctly.

Does your website appear on search engines for the right phrases and within the first few listings? Does your traffic continually climb with your bounce rate continually declining? Are your sales increasing month after month from your internet marketing efforts? If not - it might be time to look at a more integrated local SEO approach.

Content strategies, social media alignment, syndication processes, RSS, as well as many other processes are now required to take home the local SEO bacon. Don't fall victim to thousands of dollars invested in only achieving steps 1 2 of SEO and no phone calls, sales, or business leads generated. Make your SEO provider accountable before you sign the dotted line!

Converting Local Traffic

Depending on your niche, beyond getting noticed by search engines and the surfers that use them, the focus on local results may mean that your customers are seeing more of your competitors in the search engine results pages. For this reason, optimization isn't the only thing you'll want to focus on. You'll also want to find ways to ensure you convert as many visitors into leads as possible.

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